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«Education, Science & Production»

Open Access Journal | ISSN 2306-7047 | DOI 10.18551/esp

International peer-reviewed journal in the field of Life Sciences that is published by iVolga press for the benefit of the biological community.

Welcome to the official website of open access journal «Education, Science & Production»!

The journal welcomes high-quality research that cover wide dimensions, i.e. the natural product research, pharmaceutical sciences, nutraceuticals, herbal drug development and their molecular and cellular basis of action with all new developments in the area of experimental and clinical pharmacology, biochemistry and biotechnology.

Scope of the journal includes the area of not only biological chemistry but also allied disciplines such as structural biology, systems biology, immunology, pharmacognosy, computational biology and many more. Moreover, clinical studies of herbal formulations are also welcomed. The interaction of these fields are expected to increase our understanding at the cellular, molecular and pharmacological levels. For this purpose, journal aims to encourage publications with an interdisciplinary approach.

Our mission as a journal is to bring significant, up-to-date enduring research to the scientific community of the world. We are aiming towards our responsibility to safeguard the research we publish by enabling high-quality review and maintaining strict standards on data presentation. All research articles published in journal are commissioned from leading scientists and then subject to stringent-blind peer review ensuring balance and accuracy. The editorial decisions are made by a team of research-active academics in the field, supported by an international Editorial Advisory Board.

We are particularly interested in papers that answer longstanding questions, open new avenues of research, report unexpected findings, or change the way we think about biological processes. It is our goal to help researchers share their findings in the efficient and effective way possible by keeping review times short, providing editorial feedback on manuscript text and promoting papers after publication.

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